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Hotel Espana Hotel Espana Hotel Espana Hotel Espana Hotel Espana
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     Hotel España is located in the city center of Larache. The hotel has 4 suites and 38 air-conditioned rooms, Wifi access, including 4 overlooking the square, sea view and parking spaces guarded day and night, are at your disposal. You can eat near the hotel.

38 Rooms - 3 Floors

Policy & Terms

Children and extra beds

    All children are welcome. Free! A maximum of two children under 2 years stay free of charge.


   Pets are not allowed at the property.



    It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the rooms, the establishment has external common areas (terrace, balcony, room) to smoke.
The total amount of your reservation does not include the following taxes:

            - VAT: 10.00% (per night / per room)
            - Municipal and local tax: 13 MAD (per night / per person)
            - They will be paid at the counter of the hotel.

Check in

Check in : 12 AM
Check out : 12 AM

Hotel Amenities

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