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Located in the Imperial city of Tetouan in Morocco, less than 10 kilometers from the tourist area Tamuda Bay, and 30 minutes from the Spanish coast, Dreams Hotel is a 4-star hotel that meets all your needs for leisure most varied, Tamuda Bay with its famous sandy beach which extends for several kilometers with its Golfs centers of equitation and diving clubs will allow you to fully enjoy your stay ..

The main restaurant with its fish specialty will delight the most demanding palates. .This establishment is one of the top places for hotel accommodation in Tetouan.

Policy & Terms

Our rules have been created to make your stay in our hotel as comfortable as possible. Thank you for familiarizing yourself with our basic rules.

Booking procedure:

The user must enter the details of the chosen order, the details of the credit card, and all other details requested by the order form.

The user is solely responsible for all errors when entering the various details requested.

Cancellation Policy:

Please familiarize yourself with the rules and conditions for each rate while choosing the room category.

Security :

The guest is forbidden to keep highly flammable items in a room, to bring materials and items dangerous to the life and health of people in the territory of the Hotel, to use a room for illegal purposes.

The Hotel is not responsible for any shortage, damage or loss of money, monetary values, securities, jewelery and other valuables of the Guest that are not placed in a safe provided to the Guest.


The hotel respects the rules of confidentiality. The hotel may request personal data from the guest, such as: guest name and contact information, date of birth, credit card details, arrival and departure

dates, guest preferences when staying at the Hotel. The personal data of the guest can be used for the purpose of booking rooms.

Payment :

Full payment must be made at the time of booking. We accept payment by Visa / Mastercard, Paypal, Alipay credit card or online bank transfers for our Hotel.

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