Peugeot - 206

Peugeot - 206

Peugeot - 206
5 Guests
5 Doors
Baggage x2

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The Peugeot 206 is a car model of the B segment produced by the manufacturer Peugeot and launched on 10 September 1998 to succeed the Peugeot 205 (production of the latter will stop in 1999). The 206 was the best-selling car in France in 2001, 2004 and 2005, taking first place in its main rival, the Renault Clio II. It is currently the most produced Peugeot and the best-selling French car of all time. It is also produced under the name of Peugeot 207 in South America and Iran and under the name of Citroën C2 in China.

5 doors
Power steering
Electric windows
Central locking
CD player
5 passengers

Policy & Terms

                                      Info and Conditions
In the case of a second driver, the latter must fulfill the same conditions as the first. His presence at the time of contract is mandatory.
    The minimum age of the driver designated in the contract is 21 years
    The driver must have a valid driving license for 2 years
    The driver is solely responsible for the offenses and contraventions of road traffic
    The driver's license and the passport or identity card must be presented as soon as the contract is concluded
    Only drivers mentioned in the rental contract are authorized to drive the rented vehicle

    All-risk insurance with a deductible
    Unlimited mileage
    For any accident, a statement is obligatory

    The payment of the rental is made in advance, in cash or by credit card (Visa, Mastercard and JCB CARDS) and is not refundable in case of premature interruption of your rental
    Payment is made at the time of pick-up
    The possible methods of payment are: cash, bank transfer or credit card
    Our rates include Unlimited mileage and vehicle service
    Our prices may vary according to the rental season

Location duration:
    Minimum rental period of 3 days
    The lease is granted for the duration determined in the contract unless the contractual extension granted by the lessor
    If the customer returns the vehicle before the rental period expires, the latter can not in any case demand the reimbursement of the sums due in respect of the remaining lease

    Fuel is the responsibility of the customer. It is forbidden to use the trails with a rental car except 4 × 4
    Fuel is the responsibility of the tenant. The car will be delivered with a level of fuel and delivered with the same level, the fuel left at the tank will not refund
Delivery - take-back:
The customer acknowledges having received the vehicle in perfect working condition and presentation and must return it in the same condition upon departure. He is responsible for both road and parking
    The Tenant must return the vehicle in the same condition upon delivery
    Vehicles can be delivered or picked up at the location of your choice. (Airports, Hotels, Stations, etc.)
    The use of vehicles (except 4X4) on unpaved tracks is absolutely forbidden
    We offer a free delivery and recovery service within a radius of 20 km

Our fleet consists of the mentioned models, however in exceptional cases we may be forced to provide another brand of the same or higher category.

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