Kia Picanto

Kia Picanto

Kia Picanto
5 Guests
5 Doors
Baggage x2

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The car should be an extension of oneself. Discover the new Picanto. Sporty and stylish, it also offers other essentials, including advanced features, environmentally friendly technology, and of course, the unique and legendary personality of the Picanto.

MOTOR TYPE: DISPLACEMENT (CC) 998cc / MAX69 / 6,200 POWER / MAX TORQUE (N / TR TR) MINI 94 / 3,500


Fuel: Petrol | Speed: Manual | Air Conditioned: Yes

Price: 68 USd / day

Policy & Terms

TARIK ESSALAM CAR offers you a very wide service of renting vehicles in Morocco with very attractive rates and reasonable and very flexible conditions.

The driver
To rent, the driver named in the contract must be over 21 years old. He must also hold, for at least one year, a valid driver's license. This must be justified by original documents. If a second conductor is requested. The driver must be present at the time of departure and must present the original driver's license and an identity card or passport. Only the drivers identified on the rental contract are authorized to drive the rented vehicle.

The rental is granted for the duration determined in the contract unless the contractual extension granted by the lessor. In the absence of restitution, at the agreed deadline, the latter reserves the right to take back the vehicle wherever it is, at the expense of the tenant.

Delivery / recovery
TARIK ESSALAM CAR gives you the choice of the place where you want to pick up or return the vehicle (Airport, Hotels, Railway Station, etc.) subject to prior agreement. The use of vehicles on unpaved roads (runways) is prohibited. The driver is solely responsible for the offenses and contraventions of road traffic.

Fuel is the responsibility of the tenant. The car will be delivered with a fuel level and rendered with the same level, fuel left at the tank will not be refunded.

Attribution of jurisdiction
By express agreement the court in whose jurisdiction the head office of the lessor is situated shall have sole jurisdiction to hear any dispute relating to this contract. The landlord may however waive the benefit of this clause of jurisdiction and bear the stems before all the competent courts.

The rental amount is payable in advance for the entire rental period.
Vehicle Status
The customer declares that he has thoroughly visited the vehicle and notes that it is in good working condition, cleanliness and condition of the meter.
The customer declares to have found that the five tires fitted to the vehicle are in good condition, without break and that their wear is normal. In case of deterioration of one of them for a cause other than normal wear, the customer commits to replace it immediately by a tire of the same dimension and marks that it of the rented vehicle.
Do not allow the vehicle to be driven only by authorized drivers, on the roads proper to motor traffic, without participation in competitions, rallies or sports car races.
Do not use the vehicle under the influence of an alcoholic state or under the influence of drugs or any other substance affecting your consciousness or ability to respond.
Use the vehicle leased in accordance with the highway code, and more generally in accordance with legal and regulatory provisions.
The customer will not be able to claim damages from our establishment, whether it be a delay in delivery of the vehicle, cancellation or repairs due to abnormal wear and tear occurring during the rental period.

The vehicles are insured all risks. However, for any damage other than theft of the vehicle, fire, breakage of ice, civil liability, a deductible non-redeemable capped remains at the charge of the driver in the event that his partial or entire responsibility would be engaged. For any accident, a report is obligatory.
Theft or degradation of the vehicle must be reported to the police or gendarmerie with handing-over of the keys. The absence of these documents implies the full payment of the damage by the customer. Personal effects are not covered.In case of a responsible accident the deductible will remain due.
Any accident, (material, bodily, theft or fire) must be declared as soon as possible, it must be the subject of a P.V of the competent authorities or of an amicable report
Otherwise damage to the vehicle will be the responsibility of the customer
Vehicles can be delivered or picked up at the location of your choice. (Airports, Hotels, City Center, Riad etc ...)
The payment of a reservation is made either: in cash (in Euro or in Dirhams); Visa card; by Western Union.
The rental period is calculated for each 24-hour period, which can not be divided, from the time of making the vehicle available.
For the deposit, an imprint of your credit card will be made to you.
The credit card owner and the driver must be identical.
As soon as the vehicle is taken over, you become fully responsible for the rented vehicle. (Road traffic offenses.)
The payment of the rental of the vehicle is requested at the reception of the vehicle and is not refundable in case of premature interruption of your trip.
Our rates include unlimited mileage, child / baby seat, lubricants and vehicle maintenance.
The tenant agrees to return the vehicle to the lessor on the date stipulated in the rental contract. The TARIK ESSALAM CAR reserves the right to renew the reservation request for any extension by considering the previous reservation. And this within the limit of availability.
We remind you that you become fully responsible for the vehicle as soon as it is taken over.
The rental is personal, non-transferable and is only possible upon presentation of your driver's license and valid ID.

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