Hyundai i10 BVA

Hyundai i10 BVA

Hyundai i10 BVA
4 Guests
5 Doors
Baggage x2

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the Hyundai Accent subcompact is available in five-door sedan and hatchback versions. It is by far the latter which is the most popular, especially in Quebec. The interior of both cars is similar, with a dashboard intelligently designed and very ergonomic. Their engine is a 1.6-liter four-cylinder that produces 138 horsepower, mated to either a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic. The hatchback version offers a load capacity of between 600 and 1,345 liters.

- Model: 2015

- Number of places: 5

- Number of luggage: 2

- Fuel: Diesel

- Gearbox: Automatic

- Air-conditioned: Yes

All options

No need for excuses here: the Accent, with its distinctive design and diesel engine, is an excellent choice for a budget car.


Category A (Automatic)

    5 doors
    4 places
    Air conditioning: yes

    Transmission: Automatic
    Clean, well maintained


Policy & Terms

Profile and age of the driver:
Only the drivers mentioned in the rental agreement can take the wheel with the prior authorization of the landlord. If a second driver is required, he / she must be present at the time of departure and present the original driver's license as well as an identity card or passport.

Age required:
The driver must be at least 23 years old and have a valid driving license for at least 2 years.

Documents required:
The driver must have a valid driver's license (original), a valid identity card or passport (original). In case of non-presentation of these parts when taking charge of the vehicle, we reserve the right not to make the rental.

The lease is granted for the duration determined in the contract unless we grant an extension (which must be notified before 24 hours at least). In the absence of restitution, at the agreed deadline, we reserve the right to take back the vehicle wherever it is, at the expense of the tenant.

Any payment regardless of its origin is payable in advance at the time of booking or taking over the vehicle. Our rates include Unlimited mileage, All-risk insurance, Vehicle delivery and return, 24/7 assistance.

The driver is solely responsible for the offenses and contraventions of road traffic.

Insurance and replacement:
All vehicles are insured. However, in the event of an accident, the lessee is required to pay a deductible on the value of the vehicle, mentioned on the lease. For any accident, a report is obligatory.

In case of breakdown over a radius of 200 km, the customer is provided with a replacement vehicle.
Rental with driver

This service is subject to a surcharge
Different formulas for professionals:

We put at your disposal our vehicles for all your excursions and transfers all over Morocco, departure from all Moroccan cities on air-conditioned cars with 7 or 8 seats with driver.

Price in Usd
Included: Chauffeur + Carburant + Assurance

    Respect for the times
    Air-conditioned vehicles

    New Vehicles
    The smile extra :)

El Jadida - Casablanca city 64 Usd
El Jadida - Airport Casablanca 64 Usd
El Jadida - Marrakech 95 Usd
El Jadida - Rabat 116 Usd
El Jadida - Airport Salé 127 Usd
El Jadida - Fes 233 Usd
El Jadida - Safi 105 Usd
El Jadida - Oualidia 64 Usd
El Jadida - Tanger-Med 275 Usd
Oualidia - Casablanca Airport 105 Usd
Oualidia - Marrakech 105 Usd

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